Gcse french writing about where you live

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May 29,  · However, if with the extra length you get more wrong due to bad memory or general poor french, then you will be marked down for it.

Overall, there Status: Resolved. It is important to be able to understand the details about a room. You maybe tested on this in reading, listening or speaking. It could be that you have to write about your room in the writing exam.

Teacher Resource Bank / New GCSE / Chinese (Mandarin) / French / German / Italian / Spanish / Urdu Information about the area where you live and why you are worried You are writing an article about a recent fundraising event that you and some of your friends.

By definition, GCSE English coursework is usually in the form of a written essay.

How can I learn my French gcse paragraphs for a speaking exam tomorrow morning?

You are met with the opportunity to choose your title unless instructed otherwise. In addition to determining your desired title, you can also dictate the theme and format of writing to use.

Talking about your School GCSE French

hi this is my writing piece on 'my town' and i was wondering if there are any spelling mistakes and if it makes sense. if you can correct some i would really appreciate your help!

(sorry about the accents, i dont know how to do them properly) thankyou (COPYRIGHTED) lol Coventry est une grande ville située dans le centre de l'Angleterre.

Hi, I study French at A Level and like you I found listening difficult at GCSE. Was the paper the AQA one, by any chance?

We didn't have a writing paper, but I would just make sure your grammar is up to scratch (noun/adjective agreements, conjugations and the like), plus you make sure to add some sexy connective and essay phrases to.

Gcse french writing about where you live
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