I keep writing about you

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Why you need to keep writing (and how to focus on what really matters)

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Writer’s Block: 3 Tips to Keep Writing Even When You’re Discouraged

Here’s a tough day: it’s the day you finally admit to yourself that there aren’t many people reading your blog. This is especially bad if you’ve banked on your blog becoming something more than a mere hobby.

In conclusion: Why you need to keep writing. It’s tempting to complain about why you don’t have fans when some writers have thousands. It’s easier to stop writing when your writing seems to get lost in a black hole. It’s lonely choosing to stay home writing on a Friday night instead of having a.

Note: This is a guest post by Ali Luke.

Why You Should Keep Writing When You Want to Quit

Ali has been writing for a living for eight years, and she blogs weekly about the art, craft, and business of writing on her site Aliventures. You’re at your desk, and the words just aren’t flowing.

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You need more than a distraction to get back, and keep writing. Here is a List of Tools to Keep writing Even if you’re super-motivated, you’ll still find these handy when you need that extra boost.

I keep writing about you
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