Issues to write about to a senator

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What is an Important issue to write to a Senator about?

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Write to your Senator or member of Congress

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How to Write a Sample Letter to a Senator

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The Issues; Blog; Volunteer Take Action We need you to write a letter to your senators. February 3 | By: Samantha Urban.

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Thank you for signing our letter on girls’ education. We will be delivering that letter — with your name on it — directly to all senators on March 8. Senator Jim Brewster was elected to the State Senate in to represent the 45th Senatorial District in parts of Allegheny and Westmoreland counties.

Everything you need to write effective letters to Congress. Who to write-- legislators’ addresses, finding your legislators, and committee assignments and areas of responsibility How do I keep up with specific issues?

How to write an effective letter: Tracking Issues Active Legislation (Senate) latest/breaking news; general sources. Jan 18,  · Best Answer: Now everyone's gonna tell you to write about *their* pet issues:). You should find an issue that is interesting to you. You should find an issue that is interesting to you.

Try reading a newspaper or news magazine (like Newsweek Status: Resolved.

Senators of the 115th Congress Issues to write about to a senator
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