Scholastic art and writing awards 2016 winners so you think

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Contest #6 That Works for My Students: Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

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Scholastic Art & Writing winners explore imagination — and the world

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Supporting the future of creativity since 1923

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Scholastic Art & Writing Awards: Calling All Poets and Painters

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Mar 23,  · Part of the portfolio that won Razan Elbaba the Gold Medal Portfolio in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards presented by the Alliance. Alaska recipients of Scholastic Art & Writing Awards were honored at a reception on Saturday, Feb.

13, at the UAA/APU Consortium Library. The long-running national awards program is sponsored by. oh and @bsdsj22 I think you can only win scholarship money if you win a national medal for your art/writing portfolio. otherwise, it's just an invitation (no free trip, pretty sure) to a national awards ceremony at Carnegie Hall.

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards is the longest-running, most prestigious recognition program for teenaged artists and writers in the United States.

For more than nine decades, these awards have encouraged young artists and writers to pursue a variety of creative career paths and endeavors. Thank you to the many young writers in the Pittsburgh region who submitted work to the Scholastic Writing Awards competition.

Thank you also to the many inspiring teachers who support youth writing. Feb 12,  · Twenty-six students received 61 regional Scholastic Art Awards and a record 47 students received 85 regional Scholastic Writing Awards.

"We are so proud of our students," said Principal Kelli Clark.

Scholastic art and writing awards 2016 winners so you think
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