Write about something funny that happened to you

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A Funny Thing Happened

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Make Great Things Happen – Write A Letter From Your Future Self

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A time that you handed rejection. Get this from a library! Something funny happened on the way to the moon. [Sara W Howard] -- "In Something Funny Happened on the Way to the Moon, we finally hear about Apollo from the Earthly perspective. Howard tells us what it was like for thepeople on the ground who together denverfoplodge41.com Something Funny Happened: On the Way to My 80th Birthday.

by Elmer Mulhausen. Paperback. USD Some of Elmer's poems were getting lost so family and friends urged him to write a book to preserve them. Finally inElmer decided to write the book. Most of the old stories set to verse are meant to amuse you and Elmer's memories may denverfoplodge41.com › Shop › Books.

For those of you out there who have a negative opinion of the United States, I can't tell you that this is a perfect country. It's not. No country is. Hell, Donald Trump is our president! But when you say that an old lady can't have been from america solely based on her reaction to strangers in her house.


That's unfair. Tell us something funny that happened to you today. I see this thread being a relative of the "Things that are OK" thread.

Something funny that happened to me

There can never be too much smiling, laughter, fun, and overall silliness in your day!denverfoplodge41.com The funny joke is on the former employer who has already lost >10M in sales that were 'in the bag' because no engineer was there to support the products through development to market. Actually, that's not funny at all, but it is what happens when disconnected finance office chair-warmers dictate budgets instead of Sales denverfoplodge41.com://denverfoplodge41.com  · Imagine something wonderful happened to you.

Write to describe your experience. Think about a trip you went on with your class, family, friends, or a group. Write about what Think about a time something exciting or funny happened.

Write about the exciting or funny experience and what denverfoplodge41.com

Write about something funny that happened to you
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